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The Drabblecast is a weekly audio fiction magazine that brings strange stories, by strange authors, to strange listeners… such as yourself.

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The Drabblecast: 10 Years of Strange Stories (Part II)

July 17, 2018

Part II of the Drabblecast: 10 Years of Strange Stories.

The Drabblecast has several editorial shifts, starts winning awards, and becomes the premier weird fiction podcast in the world.

Listen to the concluding historical retrospective of how the Drabblecast became the remarkable  fiction market that it is today.

The Drabblecast: 10 Years of Strange Stories (Part 1)

July 14, 2018

Travel back more than a decade with us to the Drabblecast’s humble beginnings.  Hear never before heard behind-the-scenes stories from Norm and other key players, as your favorite podcast became what it is today…

Drabblecast Director’s Cut Special: Morris and the Machine

July 7, 2018

Relaunch Prelaunch Director's Cut for Morris and the Machine“Often Wrong but Never Uncertain”

While discussing the fan-favorite story “Morris and the Machine,” Norm and author Tim Pratt talk about time travel marital dynamics, the poisonous nature of nostalgia, and the dangers of giving Jesus a machine gun…

This week on the Drabblecast Director’s Cut Author Commentary Special!

Drabblecast Compilation: Holiday Specials

July 2, 2018

Drabblecast Holiday SpecialsA compilation of our holiday highlights, including songs, skits and intros from 10 years of Drabblecast Holiday Specials, including:

~ “How the Government Saved Christmas”
~ Conclusion of the Mongolian Deathworm Saga
~ Cryptkeeper Norm segments
~ “Here Comes Phantom Claus”
~ “Twas the Night”
~ “The Thirteen” (Yule Lads)


Drabblecast Director’s Cut Special: Charlie the Purple Giraffe Was Acting Strangely

July 1, 2018

Charlie purple giraffeAs a part of the Relaunch Prelaunch we revisit a listener favorite with special insight from the author.

Our feature is a unique tale set inside a televised cartoon world. Our main character, Charlie the purple giraffe, has a disturbing and profound view of his world, one not shared by his best friend Jerry the orange squirrel.  Floating question marks, colored word balloons, it may not be as light, airy, and humorous as appears at first blush…

Stick around or skip ahead to minute 22:00 for Part 2 of the episode, with Special Commentary and conversation with the author and Norm.

Check out David’s new novel coming out this July, “Arabella and the Battle of Venus”  https://www.daviddlevine.com/story/arabella-battle-venus/


Drabblecast Director’s Cut Special: Teddy Bears and Tea Parties

June 26, 2018

Drabblecast Director's Cut SpecialAs a part of the Relaunch Prelaunch we revisit a listener favorite with special insight from the author.


Shadows move on the mantelpiece and the end tables. She freezes. The family pictures are moving. Brass frames buckling into bow-shaped mouths. They want to eat her.

Don’t be scared, she says. Of course they’re hungry. Everything must eat. And there isn’t much food…

The Relaunch Prelaunch

June 22, 2018

“That is Not Dead, Which Can Eternal Lie.”

The Drabblecast is back in business, with ambitious plans that you won’t want to miss hearing about in this Relaunch Prelaunch metacast.

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