Drabblecast 136 – The Great Old Pumpkin

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Cover for Drabblecast episode 136, The Great Old Pumpkin, by Bo KaierYou must know, Doctor, that I did not choose to seek psychiatric help. I have no faith that I shall exit this room a healed man; I know now that I have been destined for the asylum since childhood. No mere conversation with you can steer me clear of that fate. That said, let us proceed with this court-compelled farce before my mad prattle provokes your crabbiness further..

Madness abounds

The story originally appeared in Strange Horizons, 25 October 2004.
The drabble originally appeared in Necrotic Tissue # 2, April 2008.
Episode Art:  Bo Kaier
Music by:   Eskit

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