Mega Beast Death Match 2012 – The Finals

Monday, August 27th, 2012
Warning:  Explicit Content

Mega Beast Death Match 2012 Finals Cover by Bo Kaier“There’s Gonna Be a Hard 8 Tonight”

The worst Swedish fish…
How to get spell off a white couch…

And who would win in a fight to the death:  A flying invisible panda-ray with missile launchers and a pair of gun turrets, a 30 foot tall, 6-ton hydrogen filled naughtilus with heat vision, giant flamingo legs and bayonet tentacles, an anthropomorphized salamander-horse necromancer that can run the speed of light, cast barrier spells and subjugate the recent dead, or a winged, acid-spitting octo-platypus with probability altering abilities and a cricket bat…

You decide who becomes the champion of the Season V Super Animal Megabeast Competition!

Warning:  Super Explicit and just awful, as always.


Episode Art:  Bo Kaier

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