The Drabblecast is organized and run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers (read: a bunch of escaped carnival folk). We would be nowhere without the support of our listeners and especially our gracious donors. These fine individuals maintain a special role.

Norm Sherman

Norm ShermanEditor in Chief, Host, Producer

Norm Sherman is the tip of the spear. The Drabblecast’s charismatic host and humorist, in his spare time, Norm helps run a non-profit, and composes original music. Buy his ever-so-enthralling CD here:

Matthew Bey

Matthew BeyEditor-at-Large

Matthew Bey is an editor at the award winning hybrid publication Space Squid. As our EaL he swings for the fences, trying for that next great, high-profile DC story. See how the Space Squid’s tentacles dance at More about Matthew Bey the individual at

Nathan Lee

Nathan LeeSubmissions Editor

Nathan Lee is an amateur wordsmith with delusions of competence. He writes words. Words that the reader will hopefully enjoy. Words that can be found at

Nicky Drayden

Nicky DraydenManaging Editor

Nicky Drayden is a Systems Analyst who dabbles in prose when she’s not buried in code. She resides in Austin, Texas where being weird is highly encouraged, if not required.

Bo Kaier

Bo KaierArt Director, Designer

Web designer by day, drawer of sad clowns by night. The Drabblecast’s art director, Mega-Beaster, and frequent cover contributor, Bo Kaier, can be found at

Tom Baker

Tom BakerArchivist, Digital Architect, Saint

Toy maker by trade, Tom fills the world with delight and mayhem. Finding no use for his 3rd grade education, he went on to create laser tag guns and Rock Band accessories to finance his fiction listening habits.