Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Drabblecast cover for All of Our Past Places by Brian Delano

Aoife always told me that you could go anywhere, as long as you had the right map. So when it happened, my first thought, when I let myself into her apartment after not hearing from her for three days, was this weird feeling of pride.

She’d done it.

She was gone.


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Story produced by Bryan Lincoln of the FullCast Podcast.
This story first appeared in Unlikely Story, June 2014.
Episode Art:  Brian Delano
Read by:  Blythe Haynes¬†and K.T. Bryski

Twabble:  “They all made fun of the flying man's "handstands..." until he threatened to NOT push Earth out of the asteroid's way ”  by  The_Hol-Man

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