•  Feature:  SUN MOON CAT MAN  by  Julia Reynolds
  •  Genre:  Drabblecast  Sci-Fi

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Drabblecast cover for Sun Moon Cat Man by The Littlest Finch“What have we got, Sergeant Kelley?” I ask, tired and bored from a long day of doing very little. I was just about to go home to my empty flat. These days it’s not so different from the police station.

On my speaker-phone Kelley’s voice says, “Patrol has a perp for you to interview. He’s in Interrogation Room 1, ma’am.”

Of course he’s in Room 1, I think as I walk down the hallway. We don’t even use the other rooms anymore except for storage. One benefit of our new Masters, crime is practically nonexistent.

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Produced by Adam Praght
Episode Art:  Littlest Finch
Read by:  Veronica Gigure

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