Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Drabblecast Cover for This Secular Technology by Ruth LoweLeah woke up, said the blessing upon waking, then turned on her overlay with a mental command. She hissed with displeasure — it was a _gevurah_ day, again. She was supposed to contemplate restriction, discipline, withdrawal. She was beginning to wonder if her teachers were doing this on purpose; the assignments were said to be random, but she no longer believed in randomness. Her soul root was in _chesed_, the diametric opposite of _gevurah_, and she found _gevurah_ days draining at best, excruciatingly painful at worst.

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Guest Produced by Andy Gray. First published Mirror Shards Volume Two
Episode Art:  Ruth Lowe
Read by:  Colleen Cherry

Twabble:  “The last living creature in the world sat alone in a room. He smiled as he heard the click of heels in the corridor outside. ”  by  SpareInch

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