Monday, November 30th, 2015

Drabblecast Useful Objects KFHDaySato lay on the cement floor of the workshop in a pool of his own blood and tried desperately to get Kuro-4’s legs working again. The robot, in turn, tried to deal with the gaping wounds in Sato’s smashed leg and pelvis.




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Episode Art:  KFHDay

Twabble:  “The safety coffin bell still rang. The sexton sent another apprentice to check the grave. Soon, he would run out of them. ”  by  Nevermore_66

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Friday, February 8th, 2013

Cover for Drabblecast episode 271, Trifecta 24, by Gino MorettoWe listen to the spidersong. The spiders are far away, just at the edge of our senses, whispering a haunting and beautiful melody into our minds. The grown-ups are oblivious, as always. They are having several conversations at once around the campfire, laughing and gossiping. It’s a nuisance because we can’t enjoy the spidersong nearly as well, not with all the distraction. We use a reliable trick — we have Sheila ask for a story…

"The Desires of Houses" by Haddayr Copley-Woods was originally published by Strange Horizons, 13 February 2006. "Fool" by Steven R. Stewart was originally published by Brain Harvest, April 24, 2011. "Spidersong" by Alex Shvartsman was originally published by Daily Science Fiction, October 2011. Episode Sponsor: Post Apocalyptic Audio Adventure "The Cleansed"
Episode Art:  Gino Moretto
Read by:  Chris Reynaga, Michelle Ristuccia

Twabble:  “Using the Weight Watcher's food tracker is so frustrating. Gingerbread: 7 points per serving. Child: not even listed! ”  by  JMiriah

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