Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Cover for Drabblecast 306, Trifecta XXVI, by Gino MorettoWhile sipping my tea in the morning, I find a small, only two inches long, naked female corpse on the bottom of the cup. Her white skin fades int the white porcelain, tiny gobs of tea leafs cover her round breasts. I immediately slap the cup down, and snick across to the phone to call the police. I forget all about checking if she’s really dead. Of course, how could I give her a mouth to mouth resuscitation, if not? Her body is about the size of a match-stick.



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"Spiders" is a Drabblecast original. "Tea-Killer" is a Drabblecast original. "Tea Baby" is a Drabblecast original.
Episode Art:  Gino Moretto
Read by:  Hugh O'Donnel, Lauren Harris

Twabble:  “Keven sat, nearing tears again with this latest love letter to Raquel. He just could not find a “Q” to cut from the papers. ”  by  Kbilly

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