Cover for Drabblecast episode 1, The Coughing Dog, by LizIn the Drabblecast’s very first episode, ‘Norman’ Sherman introduces his own story The Coughing Dog. It’s a tale about a family reuniting at Christmas, and a domestic pet with a very… unusual condition.

Norm also introduces the basic concept of the show. He describes it as “flash fiction of an atypical nature […] by very strange people,” and admits that while not all stories will include demons, chupacabras, aliens and yetis, many will.


“I wonder where everyone is,” I asked.

“Oh I just talked with Mom on the phone, she said she’s picking up Zoey from the vet, she’ll be back pretty soon.”

I sighed as I slung my backpack over my shoulder and locked the car door.

“Ahh, little Zoey. You know this will probably be the last time she’ll ever be here when we come home.”

“Little D’s got some spunk in her yet.”

“I don’t know man, last time I came home that cough of hers was pretty bad.”

“Yeah that’s what I’ve heard,” said Adam. “Have you seen how fat she’s gotten? Pops sent me a picture. That medication Mom has to give her makes her constantly want to eat. She’s huge now. She doesn’t even look like a shih tzu. She looks like a bloated, hairy, decrepit little monster on tiny little legs…”

“…She’s still cute. Just kind of in a swollen, feeble, ancient demonic sort of way.”


Well folks, lets get started:

Drabblecast # 1 – The Coughing Dog