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Hey there Friends, Our Kickstarter is Live!

We’ve been teasing this moment for months now, we know. But it is finally time to inject that special serum into this respectably preserved Drabblecast body. We’re about to Relaunch and reanimate our way into your ears!

The Drabblecast is a weekly audio fiction magazine that brings strange stories, by strange authors, to strange listeners… such as yourself. Here are just some of the weird items we have in store.

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A full fledged relaunch is coming this Fall. High-quality stories, high-quality storytelling, high-quality production, content on multiple levels, and listener involvement at the core!

Leading up to the Fall, we’re bringing you the Relaunch Prelaunch featuring author commentaries, compilations, news, videos, and a walk down memory lane as we look back on ten years of The Drabblecast.

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