Top 5 Drabbles and Twabbles imageryAs a lead up to our Relaunch, The Drabblecast brings you a compilation of our Top 5 Drabbles and Twabbles. That’s 100-word stories and 100-character stories, for those new to the show. They might also known as “flash fiction.”

This compilation comes from you, our listeners and fans. Wanna tell us your favorite? Have some new flash fiction to send us? Find us on Facebook or Twitter and give us all the goods!Drabbles—100 word stories—are a great story format. They’re excellent writing exercises, requiring a concise beginning and end. Simplicity at its finest.

And twabbles—100 character stories— are even more challenging. Basically, try to tell a story in a sentence. All politics notwithstanding, you actually can tell a good story in 100 characters.

Both formats have been major listener contributions to the show with one Drabble and Twabble being featured every week. Nearly all of these gems were mined from our forum community who have amazingly continued on the tradition during our 1-year absence! The forums have over ten eleven years of excellent flash fiction written by our community, and we encourage you to check them out.

We’re excited to bring these tradition back when we relaunch.

For now, enjoy these listener picks:

Drabblecast Compilation: Top 5 Drabbles and Twabbles