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Drabblecast 21 – The Metamorphosis of the Phosphorescent Avenger

July 18, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 21, Phosphorescent Avenger, by David FlettJell, Porp and Oct decide to stick it to the man…

Drabblecast 18 – The One That Got Away

June 20, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 18, The One That Hot Away, by Bo Kaier“Christ, what the hell is that thing?”
“Hell if I know, but it ain’t no speckled perch- I can say that much…”

Drabblecast 13 – RORRIM

May 16, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 13, RORRIM, by Oskar KunikThis is a story about how one thing leads to another, if you know what I mean.  It’s about what the Chinese mean when they say: “I curse you with an interesting time”….

In this episode of the Drabblecast, a convention goer encounters a unique, magical threat. Trapped in a world of strange magic, with wits alone as his guide.

Drabblecast 6 – The Frog Prince

March 28, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 6, The Frog Prince, by Matt Schindler

Nikki’s looking for a Prince…

Episode 6 of the Drabblecast brings us The Frog Prince, a story exploring the transformative potential of frog smooching. Norm recommends his favorite podcast Escape Pod, and invites authors to submit their weird stories. He closes by asking the fans to spread the word about the Drabblecast.

Drabblecast 5 – Guardians

March 21, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 5, Guardians, by Rodolfo Arredondo

A terrible accident on the highway brings about an even greater collision of forces…

A problem with Norm’s planned story for this week results in him falling back on one of his own – Guardians. This tale explores a world where guardian angels exist. Norm also reports on one of his favorite personal topics – cryptozoology – with news of a Colossal Squid being caught in Antarctic waters.

Drabblecast 2 – Longing for Love: A Unicorn’s Story

February 28, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 2, Longing for Love A Unicorn's Story, by Bo Kaier

Not your average fairy-tale about an obese squirrel and a unicorn with back acne….

In episode 2 Norm brings us the quirky story of Gregory, a unicorn cursed with bad health and worse luck. This is also the first episode in which Norm introduces the show as: “strange stories by strange people, for strange listeners.”

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