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Drabblecast 66 – Creatures in Disguise

May 28, 2008

Cover for Drabblecast episode 66, A Creature in Disguise, by Bo KaierThey didn’t feel things the way humans did…things like mercy…

Drabblecast 65 – Old Clara’s Favorites

May 21, 2008

Cover for Drabblecast 65, Old Clara's Favorites, by CRNsurfOld Clara only bought gourds.  God only knew why, and folks weren’t asking themselves.  Not that Clara would have answered…

Drabblecast 62 – Sizzle

April 30, 2008

Cover for Drabblecast episode 62, Sizzle, by Bo KaierInsanity wears many masks…

Drabblecast 59 – The Interview

April 9, 2008

Cover for Drabblecast episode 59, The Interview, by Bo Kaier“Your son appears to be quite exceptional, Mrs. Warren,” Dr. Ethridge said, looking up through wire-framed glasses from the test results on his desk. “He has the gift.”

Drabblecast 58 – Eggs

April 2, 2008

Cover for Drabblecast episode 58, Eggs, by Gino Moretto“Get into the prep room!  We need to wash you off and destroy your pants!”

Drabblecast 56 – 33 Seconds

March 19, 2008

Inside the TecknoAir factory, deep within the Earth’s core, cheap was a necessity…Cover for Drabblecast episode 56, 33 Seconds, by Rick Marron

Drabblecast 54 – Unholy Fruit

March 6, 2008

Cover for Drabblecast 54, Unholy Fruit, by Bo KaierThe demon oranges- one for every tree in Roland’s orchard – appeared on an otherwise average Tuesday morning…

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