Classics 11 (EP 87) - The Box Born Wraith

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Re: Drabblecast 087 - The Box-Born Wraith

Post by sandrilde »

Loving the Kevin Anderson halloween stories - great stories, great production - love the norm voice coming out

I think I missed something in the story though - it seemed like the boss wants to feed the ghouls? or turn people into ghouls? why else insist on burying him alive? B ut i coudln't see why the boss would WANT this guy to be turned into a ghoul. ANd if he just wants to feed them, shoudlnt' he have killed them first?

KDA's stories are solid enough that I"m sure I just missed something that I'd catch on a re-listen.

Very enjoyable.
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Re: Classics 11 (EP 87) - The Box Born Wraith

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{Marker for start of Classics comments. See Pondspider's suggestion.}
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Re: Classics 11 (EP 87) - The Box Born Wraith

Post by tbaker2500 »

Nice. I like it.
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Re: Classics 11 (EP 87) - The Box Born Wraith

Post by pondspider »

Enjoyed this one. Noting the length of the reanimated classic, I forgot to allow for the discussion and was slightly disappointed when the story ended... I half expected a part two :)

All the same, a great story with a lot of emotion in the main character and well-described scenes without going OTT on the language.
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Re: Classics 11 (EP 87) - The Box Born Wraith

Post by Kevin Anderson »

It’s hard to describe how strange it is listing to astute folks doing a postmortem on something you’ve written. Mostly it was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed it. Like being a fly on the wall in a room where people are talking about you, but in a good way, and without the creepiness of having to be a fly.

Looking forward to more Drabbleclassics
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Re: Classics 11 (EP 87) - The Box Born Wraith

Post by AspirationRealized »

Like the commentators after this Drabbleclassics episode, the digging coming from underneath was the high point for me. It is the stand out moment of this story, the part I always think about when I look back on it, and it's so strong I actually wonder whether or not ending the story there would have been best. I mean, you have a twist that's good enough to end on, and you leave the reader to imagine just what the hell could be digging from the opposite direction.

But the part after the digging seems just as strong as the rest of the story, so who's to say it isn't better the way it is? Regardless, it's a great story, as presented.
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