Drabblecast 387 - Skullpocket: Part 2

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Drabblecast 387 - Skullpocket: Part 2

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Feature: Skullpocket: Part 2 by Nathan Ballingrud

• Genre: Horror

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

In this riveting finale we learn the origins of the Orchid Girl, the mystery behind Skull Pocket Fair, and the horrible truth behind the Extinction Event. A freak show awaits you indeed!

Story Excerpt:
But everything changed when Wormcake and his friends entered the room. The Orchid Girl sat a bit straighter, as if she had heard or felt something peculiar. She stood on her feet and looked out at the crowd. Almost immediately her gaze fell upon the ghoul children, as though she could sense them through some preternatural ability, and then, children, the most amazing thing happened. The thing that changed the ghouls’ lives, her own life, and the lives of everyone in Hob’s Landing forever afterward.

Her face opened along the red lines and bloomed in bright, glorious petals of white and purple and green. Her body was only a disguise, you see. She was a gorgeous flower masquerading as a human being.
Produced: Norm Sherman
Episode Art: Bo Kaier
Photography: Ellis Dunegan
Lettering: Gigi Guiting
Read by: Norm Sherman


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Re: Drabblecast 387 - Skullpocket: Part 2

Post by Ichneumon »

Weird, spooky, mysterious, this story kept my attention. The first part felt whimsically creepy, like Beetlejuice or The Nightmare Before Christmas. The second part got dark fast as secrets came to light.
I am unsure about the motivations of characters for some parts of the story, but I got the feeling they were unsure of their motivations too.
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Re: Drabblecast 387 - Skullpocket: Part 2

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Very nice denouement to this story. It started off like an episode of the Addams Family, where people mistake whimsy and humor of the protagonist for actual ghoulish behavior, but with a hint of heavier darkness. Then it steadily descends into darkness, until it ends with children being literally eaten alive as sacrifice to demon gods, survivors being scarred and twisted beyond redemption by their experiences. At no point does the story break character. Everything flows naturally, as it should. Fantastic effort, great worldbuilding.
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Re: Drabblecast 387 - Skullpocket: Part 2

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