Drabblecast 412 – 1977

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Drabblecast 412 – 1977

Post by mightytwix »

Drabblecast 412 – 1977
Carrie Vaughn
“Have another one,” the guy said, and Megan did because she was thirsty, though a martini was probably not what she should be drinking. She was too far gone to question.

Episode art by Carly Heath

Read by Naomi Mercer, Norm Sherman, Mike Boris, Veronica Giguere

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Re: Drabblecast 412 – 1977

Post by normsherman »

Man, Naomi Mercer is such a better dancer than me...
"Give us all some Jelly"
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Re: Drabblecast 412 – 1977

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Gelical and Oz clearly need to cofound a Disco appreciation club.
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Re: Drabblecast 412 – 1977

Post by ScubaMan »

What am I listening to? 1977?! I was in grade 2, with Ms. Carol at Peace Arch Elementary in White Rock, BC. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Has anybody else watched the movie, Xanadu? Starring Olivia Newton-John. Oh, and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind? I'm getting that vibe with this story (that I'm glad I returned to after scoffing @ it a week ago). https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?ti ... =911820119
https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?ti ... =911111565
10 minutes in a History class. Yikes. I appreciate the protagonist's ability to more-or-less adapt to the time travelling culture shock.
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