Drabblecast 421 – The Life You Save May Be Your Own

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Drabblecast 421 – The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Post by mightytwix »

Drabblecast 421 – The Life You Save May Be Your Own
By: Flannery O'Connor
The old woman and her daughter were sitting on their porch when Mr. Shiftlet came up their road for the first time. The old woman slid to the edge of her chair and leaned forward, shading her eyes from the piercing sunset with her hand…

Episode art by Bo Kaier
Read by A Random Hospital Cafeteria Worker
Drabble: The Moment of Death for H.P. Lovecraft by A Random Hospital Cafeteria Worker
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Re: Drabblecast 421 – The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Post by HR_Duff_n_Stuff »

First off... Oh for all that's Weird and Supernatural.

Norm - I'm so very very happy that you are alive and have room in front of you to already be alluding to being back
at it bringing the different.

Ever since the Skullpocket episode, I'd wanted to drop a line about the delightful irony
of what it means when you, of all people, talk to it 'Getting back to Norm-al around here'. Some people know that
Norm is an Auto-Antonym, being both 'what is expected' and 'perpendicular to the reference'. (That even showed up as a key
plot point in an old Asimov story. But I digress. Because we all gotta pitch in and digress for Norm when he's not here. )

So thank you to Random Hospital Cafeteria Worker for handling the Flannery O'Connor and the Drabbles and Twabbles. The story was a nice change of pace weird that still sat well with Drabblecast.

And thank you to Norm for keeping the Outside The Podcast judgement to see coughed blood and head for the ER, even as Lovecraftian purple prose or interesting song lyrics were maybe popping into your head. Because we weirdos know ourselves and don't have a lot of trouble imagining you doing that either.

I'll also toot a complementary horn to Norm talking to us all about registering as an Organ Donor. Go register. Check the box when you're renewing your drivers license.

A couple of other things you can do on that front are to register as a Bone Marrow donor, and to get to your local blood center and donate blood.

Bone Marrow has difficult reputation for involving a painful procedure to extract marrow cells from inside your bones with
needles. This was certainly the case in years past, but the good news is that most marrow donations now are done with a blood
apheresis machine that can centrifuge the needed cells from circulating blood - it's like doing a regular blood donation that will last a couple of hours, plus an earlier injection that'll encourage more of the cells into circulation. The registries for bone marrow are really hit and miss - quite well covered for some transplant phenotypes, very skant or others. The reality is that you'll probably never be matched to someone. But if you were, you'd help save someone's life with a couple of hours at a blood center watching a movie. Give it some thought.

As for regular blood donations - they are also critical. If you listened to the podcast, you heard the phrase 'liver transplant'. They're way better than the first ones, but they typically involve dozens of pints of blood. Livers are plumbed to everything, and there's a lot of leakage while everything is removed and then sewn back together. These days, most every whole blood donation is spun into components - red cells, white cells, platelets (clotting factor), and plasma, to best serve what is needed. Any single donation may improve or save the life of multiple people. Signing up for that company blood drive or making an appointment at a local blood center really matters, and really makes a difference. Norm's surgery likely involved blood products from over 100 donations.

I'll put up to lead it off - I just made an appointment to donate blood platelets next week. Stand up with the weird community and go save some more weirdos (and likely some plain vanilla bystanders too). GO!
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Re: Drabblecast 421 – The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Post by normsherman »

Thanks Huff! I second (third?) everything u said here! We generally have more body than we need, especially when we check out.

As for the story, so I wonder if I'm the only one who was ill at ease about halfway through wondering where things were going with this one? Disabled girl/arranged marriage/hobo grafter looking for opportunities. Whew, it ended in a way that wasn't a 'happy' ending, but at least wasn't an ending I was dreading. This definitely nails Flannery O Conner though. She doesn't want you to have what you're expecting either way.
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