Drabblecast 425 – Unlike Most Tides

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Drabblecast 425 – Unlike Most Tides

Post by mightytwix »

Drabblecast 425 – Unlike Most Tides
By: Darcie Little Badger
The prima donna sun has not yet risen to outshine every other star in the Milky Way. Overhead, a flash of light arcs between Orion and Taurus, the hunter firing at the bull. With a grunt, Mathilda lowers her kayak and admires the streak of light across the sky, thinking of her childhood in Los Angeles. There, shooting stars—most stars, really, except for the terrazzo and brass ones on the Hollywood walk of fame —were rare and wondrous. Things are different now. Mathilda still considers the stars to be wondrous…

Author: Darcie Little Badger
Episode art by Susie Oh
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Re: Drabblecast 425 – Unlike Most Tides

Post by eric_marsh »

The excerpts from Darcy Little Badger's intro sounds like huge fun. What episode was that?

I'm still listening to the story. Unfortunately I don't have as much time to do so as I did in the past. But so far I'm enjoying it.
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