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Episode 33 1/3 - Uh, no hope

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 1:09 am
by Ichabod
Armored and helmeted, he strode into the command room, flowing cape emphasizing his inhuman presence.

With stentorian breaths he gave each officer orders; which they meekly accepted, knowing their fate should they fail.

“Any questions?” echoed his final challenge.

The young nephew of the Baron of Tatooine timidly raised his hand.

“Yes?” the dark lord’s annoyance was palpable.

“Excuse me Lord, to clarify my role,” the callow royal whined. “We attack the front lines? Charging the rebel blasters?”

Though not seen, the sneer could be heard in the Sith lord’s sinister monotone.

“Yes, Duke,” he said, “you are my fodder.”