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P.I Grumpy

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:51 am
by Hellcat
Mr. Grumpy is one square looking guy. Everything has to be thought out in a nice symmetrical order. Parking his square black car across the street from his ex-wife's house, Lil Miss Sunshine, he sucks on a square cigarette before taking out his camera. He exhales grumpily thinking he should've let someone else take the case.

It's not too long before he hears uncontrollable laughter erupt into the late afternoon air. Mr. Grumpy's eyes slit into rectangles as orange tentacle-like arms wave into camera view.

Click. Shutter.

There was only one guy who could fit the profile....Mr. Tickles.


Side note: In case no one remembers (or never read them) this was inspired by the children's book series, Mr. Men & Lil Miss.