the Drabblecast dead..?

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Re: the Drabblecast dead..?

Post by erica.weems »

Hey folks!
Is there anything official about whether Drabblecast will continue or not? I want to subscribe monthly, but not if it's dead dead.
Norm's last tweet was the same -
"Norm Sherman‏ @TheDrabblecast Jul 11
Got some stories I wanna read ya. Stay tuned, and give us all some jelly." and I can't seem to find any updates.
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Re: the Drabblecast dead..?

Post by Evolution13 »

When Homestar Runner is updating more often than your podcast, I think it's safe to say that it's dead. :(

There was some chatter a while back about attempting to turn the Drabblecast over to a new crew, which apparently failed. I don't know the details and I'd love to know about any communication from Norm from like.. *anywhere* other than the 4 month old twitter note.
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Re: the Drabblecast dead..?

Post by McLaughin »

I...I don't suppose any of you weirdos have heard anything? I've been listening to some of the best episodes and the lack of DC is palpable. Feels like losing a friend.
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Re: the Drabblecast dead..?

Post by zcarter80 »

We do have the back catalog but I'm hoping Norm himself is well or at least found a center and a balance that leads either to his return or a discussion on the future. His future or that of the podcast. It's a big time consuming job and difficult to say the least. Having to shake the cup to put out content, produce it and all that has to be murder. When (Steve now known as) Sarah Ely left escape pod there was just as big a vacuum left I'm that community. It was eventually filled and they came back. Waiting isn't fun wondering is even less so but the future as Sarah Connor says is not set. So if we have to wait just as long as he made content it would still be worth it and of he can't put back on these shoes he still left us with years of material in his style. Any update is welcome in his absence for certain but, Norm. Wherever you may be, we... I love and thank you for your service. When your ready, like a good neighbor I'll be there.
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Re: the Drabblecast dead..?

Post by Mr.Shadowbxre »

I’m happy to report, No! The Drabblecast will soon rise again. Back in March I reached out to Norm so I could poke the body and see if he lives or if the cast needed a burial. He responded! Here is the official statement he has released on Facebook.

Hey there Friends, and welcome back to the Drabblecast!

The Drabblecast is a weekly audio fiction magazine that brings strange stories, by strange authors, to strange listeners... such as yourself. I'm your host, Norm Sherman. Or I will be again, soon, with perhaps a little help.

Where have I been the past year and a half you might be asking? What the hell happened to the podcast?!
The truth is folks, the god's honest truth, is that I was abducted by aliens. Squid-like --but also remarkably squirrel-like-- aliens. And upon immediately bursting from the spongy, fluid-filled vitamin pod I was encased in, I found myself indeed just as disappointed as any of you probably were to find that the Wifi connection within the dank Squirdellian prison ship belly was spotty, at best.

Thus, admittedly for a time, I was forced to suddenly adjust, and spend my days laboriously toiling away at what some might consider a "normal" job, simply to pay the bills... shoveling heaps upon heaps of chestnuts into the many vast Squirdellic feeding ponds of level 4.
...So many feeding ponds.

But that's all neither here nor there, as well as a statement not a fact. The important thing is that in the end, President Trump negotiated my safe release back to Earth with a combination of both masterful negotiation skills and a perplexing fluency in their mad, gibbering tongue... and now Norm's back baby, in full form.

And the game has changed now folks.

I'm going to try relaunching what we built together with the Drabblecast before: high-quality storytelling, high-quality production, content on multiple levels, and listener involvement at the core.. but this time bigger, better, and as a full-time enterprise, instead of just a hobby from my living room.

I'm going to try at least. I need some help. Sooo...wanna help?

Are you a:
Computer Programmer/Coder
Person skilled/experienced with web-based game creation, Unity, GameMaker Studio
Web designer
Graphic Designer
Marketing and social media guru
Online business developer or small business consultant
Online fundraising whiz
Video or sound editor
Entrepreneur or venture capitalist
Highly in-the-know spec fic reader, listener, connoisseur
General fan with any potential connections
Person with advice, words of encouragement, or random funny jokes you wanna trade?

Email me at and let's talk.
Drabblecast has always been about community, so connecting and bringing us Weirdos all together again is step one.
The goal is to launch something new and amazing to the world by August or September-- we're moving now!
Get on board with us.

There will be more messages to come, follow Drabblecast on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, chestnuts are the best nuts.

Your friend, humble mandolin instructor, and person eating your snack when you're not home,

Uncle Norm

"The encroaching tide threatened the cache even as the first egg distended, wobbling against the silly string and displacing its neighbors. Salt spume spattered the egg cluster as a tiny, red-lipped mouth broke free, a single, long egg tooth tearing at its enclosing sac.
The hatchling clown struggled against fear, as the rushing waters emerged..."

-- "Clown Eggs" Drabblecast episode 115, by the late, beloved Jay Lake.

So there you have it! Long live the weird!
The alien horde had finally halted. Our sonic weapons had worked. Their battle cry was no more. "Yep yep yep yep, uh huh!"
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Re: the Drabblecast dead..?

Post by Benbi »

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Re: the Drabblecast dead..?

Post by ScubaMan »

Nope. It’s resting.

And now, it’s twitching. :D
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