MBDM 2012 - Overview

The beast fights have returned - vote to determine which will survive!
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The MBDM is an annual tradition around Drabble'land. It represents an open discussion of bi-weekly match-ups between imaginary 'Mega-Beast' monsters, argued over on a bi-weekly, drunken podcast by bi-curious, weepy hosts Norm, Bo, Kendall, Luke, and Adam.
A gallery of veteran beasts, seasons 1 - 4, can be seen here. Most are dead now. Don't be sad though; they were never really alive.
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Re: MBDM 2012 - Overview

Post by angagaur »

OK so.
Which round is up next?
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Re: MBDM 2012 - Overview

Post by StalinSays »

angagaur wrote:OK so.
Which round is up next?
Cricket Bat vs. Luck-Billed Platypus vs. Snaketopus - a real quagmire to be sure. Whatever meta-beast arises from this combo, it will be weird looking.

Voting and art starts May 1st. Podcast hopefully within that week, more likely the week after (Norm is perpetually swamped).

If anyone wants to hear themselves on the round 2 episode, call at leave a message here: 443 552 0335. Norm likes fan audio to round out episodes. Let loose! And it counts as an official vote!

Any good puns for the newly evolved Red Panda? The Shanghai Butcher? The Scarlet Panda? The Great Wall of Panda? Panda Express? I'm stuck in stupid land.
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Re: MBDM 2012 - Overview

Post by strawman »

Mega-cheeky Manta Panda.

Or, for short: LMAO tse Tung
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Re: MBDM 2012 - Overview

Post by tbaker2500 »

Is this round taking on the properties of the defeated?
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Re: MBDM 2012 - Overview

Post by Mikes »

strawman wrote:Mega-cheeky Manta Panda.

Or, for short: LMAO tse Tung
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Re: MBDM 2012 - Overview

Post by ROU Killing Time »

strawman wrote: This diabolical scheme has the pawprints of ACORN all over it, thus pointing the finger at Squarrel.
he he he
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