New artwork up!

For artwork inspired by Drabblecast
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New artwork up!

Post by tbaker2500 »

Lots of new art creation has been going on behind the scenes for a better part of a year now. Bo manages many great artists as well does many, many covers himself. Everytime a new art piece is finished, he uploads it to the website. I then update the MP3 and M4A files with the new artwork, and upload those.

It occurs to me, that we should be announcing this new art every time it goes up. I'll start with the current batch I'm working on.

Drabblecast 66: (FanTASTIC art Bo! Captures the story so well.) ... o_kaier-2/

Drabblecast 75: ... an_wilson/

Drabblecast 82: ... o_kaier-2/

Drabblecast 86: ... o_kaier-2/

Drabblecast 92: ... _morganti/

Drabblecast 109: ... n_deberge/

Drabblecast 110: ... _morganti/

Drabblecast 116: ... _bo_kaier/
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