100 Days Later

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Algernon Sydney is Dead
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Re: 100 Days Later

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Oh dear. The Trilateral Commission has infected Norm! Image

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Mr. Tweedy
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Re: 100 Days Later

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Looks in wikipedia.

Oh good grief, ANOTHER sexual orientation? We're up to, what, 50 now? I read that in addition to good old "straigh", "bi" and "AC/DC" categories, we now have "homoflexibles", "vortex bisexuals" and "ungendereds."

In light of this vast taxonomy, I name myself a fixational unpantheonized monopolar fucundalizer. Take that, hippies!
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Re: 100 Days Later

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Oh! Oh! Not to do with anything really, but a friend of mine used to use a really lame pickup line:

"I'm trisexual. I'll try anything."

Guess how it worked for him.

Well at least it weeded out the normals.
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Re: 100 Days Later

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moonowl wrote: Guess how it worked for him.
I'm thinkin... rutabaga
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