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The Neighborhood Association

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2020 2:31 pm
by groomporter
Hi gang, haven't been around for a while.
Last year I was experimenting with some Twitter length fiction about an odd little neighborhood. Wasn't sure where to post this.

Buying the new house may have been a mistake. The neighborhood association has a restriction on casting permanent magic circles outdoors. The exception is to do it in a screened gazebo. Raising the Old Ones just won't be the same.

Someone complained to the neighborhood assn. about the shrunken heads in our yard -called it cultural appropriation. I said dad was a diplomat and I lived in Ecuador as a kid and converted to nanny's religion. They said okay, but keep them out of the front yard

The morning dawned with a thick fog. Fortunately, the watchers from the neighborhood association were not awake to realize it all originated from the broken basement window after our Carnacki Electric Pentacle blew a circuit breaker and an entity within escaped.

After a warm spell the Neighborhood Association declared a snowman making contest. But over the weekend vandals moved all the snowmen so they were looking in windows of houses. Funny thing is, they left no footprints and security patrols saw nothing that night.

The neighborhood association sent out another warning to pet owners about a coyote being sighted in the area. Fortunately, they haven't noticed yet that it's only spotted during the full moon. I'll have to remember who has a security camera on their front door.