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Hello from the other side of the screen! -Aparody

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 8:51 am
by Wolf_Christensen
Hello everyone! This forum doesn't seem to be in super active use but I figured I may as well just see how the environment is. Obviously I found it through the podcast. Norm's dulcet tones make my job immensely more bearable, in fact it makes it bearable in general. I shall call this an accomplishment as i had begun to contemplate how to summon cthulhu because at least he, has the humanity to kill me quickly instead of through the loss of life due to a dead end job. I do greatly enjoy writing short stories and yall can certainly expect to see one or two or twenty of them from me in the upcoming months or years or however long we have. Im excited to get to know y'all!

Wolf Christensen here reminding you, everything lies, everything cheats, and everything, everything, everything eats.