Meanwhile, in the jungle...

100 word stories. Post all you like, maybe we'll dip in and use yours?
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Meanwhile, in the jungle...

Post by munsi »

He approached life with a critical eye, living every day with solemnity.

Though he was in a jungle, of a sort, he swore to himself never to become an animal, to instead hold himself with perfect dignity in his every moment, to approach each new problem with a cool head, a rational mind and a calm, reasonable demeanor.

Which he did, through all the days of his life, and this attitude allowed him great success.

He never was distracted by anything so foolish as a hat.

And that’s why the tales of Serious George, the serious little monkey, remain untold…
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Re: Meanwhile, in the jungle...

Post by strawman »

Hi there, Mr Munsi.
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Re: Meanwhile, in the jungle...

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Love it. If I remember correctly, Curious may have killed the cat but it was Serious that dissected it.
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Re: Meanwhile, in the jungle...

Post by Hobbsie »

Nicely done
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