Drabblecast 432 – Housebound

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Drabblecast 432 – Housebound

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Drabblecast 432 – Housebound
“Hey babe, where did the closet go?”

The Hubby, Victor, gives me a blank look, like the word “closet” is Swahili for “bratwurst”. He neither understands the question nor the purpose of the question.

“The closet. It used to be here, through this door, under the stairs. Now there’s just a pit and bite marks on the door jamb.”

More silent incomprehension.

I let the subject drop. After all, who uses the under-the-stairs closet anyway? I don’t even remember if I ever put anything in there, and if I did, it would have been stuff I’d never planned on seeing again. High school journals, SAT study guides and shoeboxes full of bad poetry to that guy I had a crush on during junior year – Tony? Toby? Tory? I’ll find someplace else to put the vacuum cleaner.

Episode art by Melissa McClanahan
Read by Avery Brickles
Drabble: Facebook Friends by Eric Marsh
Twabble: In stunned silence, I stared at my future self. His one remaining eye oozed blood and his cracked lips whispered, “run.” by Keithjhale
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