100 word stories. Post all you like, maybe we'll dip in and use yours?
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I was inspired while staring at a spot on the ceiling as I lay on the table at the podiatrist's office:

By Janet Christian

The dark sphere appeared in the sky on October first. Some people were excited. Some were terrified. Scientists were ecstatic at an opportunity to study an asteroid that had become stuck in earth orbit. By 7 October, governments were scrambling. Each wanted to be the first to land a rocket on the object. Larger governments planned manned missions, while smaller ones focused on remotely operated rovers. Every telescope was aimed at the asteroid. Every conversation was about it. By week three, most people were already ignoring the new, small moon. Everything changed on 1 November, the day the “asteroid” blinked.
Author of:
* Born Rich -- A dystopian look at the future
* Virgilante -- A metaphysical look at karmic justice
* Double Trouble -- A Marianna Morgan, PI mystery
* Udder Confusion -- A Marianna Morgan, PI mystery
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