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Drabblecast 29 – Code Brown

September 12, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 29, Code Brown, by Jonathan WilsonThe Drabblecast presents “Code Brown” by Dermot Glennon.

This episode opens with a little gospel, hehe. Then we move on to the Drabble Poetry Corner with a wonderful diddy by William D. Tucker. This poem is the second in a three-part series.

We also tease the People’s Choice awards with special props to today’s episode.

Story Excerpt:

“We cannot destroy it- it’s too valuable” said Klugscheisser
“And yet, it would be dangerous to keep it.  We must hide it in the last place that anyone would ever think of looking for it…”

And now we present for your listening enjoyment:

Drabblecast # 29 – Code Brown

Drabblecast 28 – The Hog-Faced Man

September 5, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 28, The Hog-Faced Man, by Richard K. GreenI listened to my father talk about the hog-faced man who came into his hospital room and stood at the foot of his bed.
“What does he say to you?” I asked.
My father turned his head and looked at me.
“He tells me he’s too early…”

On this episode of the Drabblecast, a spooky, sorrowful apparition causes a father to question his worldview. What secrets does this nocturnal visitor hide?

Drabblecast 27 – Crazy

August 29, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 27, Crazy, by Bo KaierMa called it the crazy. She always had. The old lady called it something else.  Most of the time, before I- touched one- I used the word Ma used, or sometimes I called it the weirdness, to myself…

On this episode of the Drabblecast, the mother of a unique child must guide him towards greater knowledge of the powers he possesses.

Drabblecast 26 – Once Upon a Hill in this City

August 22, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast 26, Once Upon A Hill in this City, by Bo KaierTwo young men slink behind her…I catch the glint of metal from their back pockets and the answering glint of their teeth as they exchange smiles..

Drabblecast 25 – The Worm Within

August 15, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 25, The Worm Within, by Bo KaierToday we bring to you The Worm Within, by Vincent Eaton.

It’s a strange tale. A rather gross tale… about a tail. It’s a tale about a worm tail and a man’s tail area. And meat.

Have you ever felt something was off inside your body? Have you ever racked your brain straining to remember what you put into your body? Something that may have gone terribly wrong?

I’ve already said too much.

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Drabblecast 24 – Black and White Animals Part 3 : Chromatic Conclusions

August 8, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast episode 24 , Black and White Animals 3, by Bo KaierPart Three of the Black and White Animals Trilogy, Brenda and the Black and White Animals Prepare for the Final Battle with Emperor Mersatz…

Drabblecast 23 – Momentum

August 1, 2007

Cover for Drabblecast 23, Momentum, by Bo KaierEven after it really hit the fan out there, Dwight never ventured far from the carnival grounds.  His fellow carneys had all left in search of family members to be with. But Dwight’s family was still here…

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