Drabblecast Partners

Howdy Drabblecast Supporters, Small Business Owners, and Generally Awesome Creative People out there, Norm here.

Did you know that in addition to enjoying the crap out of the Drabblecast each and every week you can also partner with us to help promote your business or creative endeavors?

The Drabblecast is unique in that we have a strong sense of community and like-mindedness amongst our listenership. Thousands of Strange Listeners like Yourself listen to our show each week and indeed the mighty monsoon winds of Tropical Storm Drabblecast bear down across the nation more and more with each coming episode.  If ever there was a time to smash things with a large tree branch and get away with it friends, now is the time!

Why not have your products and services promoted in a uniquely Drabblecast way– a way that resonates within a community of fun, weird and creative listeners more so than it will anywhere else?

Speaking of which, you should know that the Drabblecast only runs promotionals and advertisements for products, services or creative endeavors that we feel are relevant to what we do and that our audience will enjoy.  We have no interest in boring or frustrating our listeners and therefore only pitch products we’re certain will be homerun hits.

We have three Partnership Packages for you to pick from:
Package 1:  Custom Professional Drabbletisement
— 1-2 minute spot.
— A bonafide 1-2 Drabblecast-made commercial, complete with a personalized jingle, fully customized to sell your product or enterprise in an entertaining and memorable way.
— Aired in a central, non-skippable part of the show and yours to use afterwords as you please.
— Elements from the ad, whether they be comedic product-placements during my host segment or parts of the jingle subtly threaded into the soundtrack of the feature story, will pop up throughout the episode.
— Your product links and contact info included and easy-to- find on the website.      $300.00
Package #2.  One-Episode Sponsorship
— 5-8 minute spot.
— You get to pick a genre of story for the main episode that you think will pair nicely with your product (for example, a horror story to follow a horror anthology promo.)
— We work with you to get the specifics of your product across to the audience in a sharp, fun and engaging way (because hey, we have to keep our show entertaining too!)

— We either:
A. Produce a blockbuster-hit Audio Trailer for your product (see: http://om-blog.orbitalmaneuvers.com/2011/01/19/audio-promo-for-orbital-maneuvers/),
B. Produce a short segment from your book or anthology that stands well on its own and gives the audience an idea of your product (http://www.drabblecast.org/tag/author-frank-key/)
C: Run an engaging interview with the editor, producer, author or business owner (see:http://www.drabblecast.org/2011/10/26/drabblecast-220-trifecta-xviii/)
—- Your product links and contact info included and easy-to- find on the website.       $500.00

Package #3.  Two-Episode Sponsorship

–All of the One-Episode Sponsorship details, plus a 2-3 minute follow-up spot in the the next episode, reminding listeners of the product, links, location, special offers and a strong final Norm-endorsement plug.
We’ve found this follow-up reminder to be highly effective in pushing additional traffic to your product and increasing overall sales.  Podcast audiences often need that extra boost or reminder about something that peaked their interest last week.      $750.00

Interested? Questions? Hit up drabblecast@drabblecast.org to find out more!

Here’s what past Drabblecast Partners have said about their promotional experiences:

“Holy cow, I think Drabblecast traffic already crashed the danielsolis.com server! It’s the last month of fundraising and the results so far have remained astonishing. We’re double the initial fundraising goal to print the first run of the game.”
–Daniel Solis, Creator of educational, storytelling game Happy Birthday Robot.

“Norm, the promotional was so awesome.  Fantastic. We have definitely been having uptick in the podcast numbers and downloads in the first week and people have been buying product.”

– Fred Greenhaulgh, Producer “The Cleansed” Audio drama”Norm, what can I say – I loved what you did in the show for Frank’s anthology. It was amazing. I loved your enthusiasm and the way you edited it all together.”

– Salim Fadhley, agent for Frank Key’s anthology “Impugned by a Peasant”