Cover for Drabblecast 131, Storm Comes A' Callin,' by Philip PomphreyThe Drabblecast presents “Storm Comes A’ Callin'” by Jeremiah Tolbert.

We also introduce cryptozoologist Connor Choadsworth in his hunt across the Gobi Desert for the Mongolian Deathworm.

Jeremiah has had an impact in the Science Fiction world since 2001 and is currently the editor of Escape Pod.

Story Excerpt:

I heft the axe. Lighter now, and warm in my palms. My old bones creak, I lift it over my head. I stare at the groove in the ground, beaten into the land. Many a storm been broke here. Too many, maybe…


Our Drabble this week is “Hanging” by Doug McIntire. You can submit your Drabbles to us in our Drabblecast Forums.

Enjoy the show!

Drabblecast #131 – Storm Comes A’ Callin’