Any submissions sent before January 1st will be fed to spice-addicted elven slaves as sustenance for the holidays.

The Drabblecast is a paying fiction market, an award-winning one, and befittingly choosy. There’s something specific we are looking for – that weird idea you have, that hilarious or disturbing scenario you’ve been brooding over.  We like submissions that are humorous, bizarre, gross, disturbing, badass, interesting and original.

What We Buy

  • Short Fiction — 500- 4,000 words

We Also Run

  • Drabbles — Exactly 100 words.
  • Twabbles — Exactly 100 characters.
  • Episode Art — See the Art page.


  • Multiple submissions?–  YES (only up to 3 at a time please.)
  • Simultaneous submissions?– SURE.  (Just let us know if someone else beats us to it.)
  • Reprints and Repods?– SWELL. Yes.  We tell ’em fresh.

We currently offer 6 cents per word for stories 500- 4,000 words long.  In some cases we will accept stories longer than 4,000 words but these cases are rare and usually for solicited stories.

Stories under 500 words (including Drabbles and Twabbles) are published on a pro bono basis at this point, with attribution and a good plug opportunity.

Please include word count and bio information along with your story in the body of the email.  It makes our lives much easier! Don’t worry about what the font and format look when you paste it into the email– it’s all good, we promise.

We get a LOT of stories submitted, so response time is currently around 3 – 4 months (sorry!)  All submissions are responded to.  Might be a form rejection (sorry again!) Please hit us up if you haven’t heard from us after 4 months and include your story in the email.  It will get immediate priority consideration if we let it slip through the cracks.

Drabblecast purchases limited one-time, non-exclusive rights to audio only.  You retain all other rights to your story.

Wanna know more?

Check out our Inside the Drabblecast episode, part of our Relaunch Prelaunch.

That’s about it – email stories or questions to: