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Drabblecast Presents: The Top 10 Post Apocalypse Short Films

August 12, 2018

Top 10 Post Apocalypse Short FilmsRelaunching and Prelaunching continues: Norm shares and reviews his top 10 best (and free online!) post apocalypse short films in this special video podcast.

#10– “Sepsis” written and directed by Artur Llobell

#9– “Senior” directed by Noel Paul & Stefan Moore, music by Royskopp

#8– “Cargo” written and directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke

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Drabblecast Director’s Cut: Flying On My Hatred of My Neighbor’s Dog

August 7, 2018

Cover art Director's Cut: Flying On My Hatred of My Neighbor's DogThe Relaunch Prelaunch continues with another listener-requested Director’s Cut: Flying On My Hatred of My Neighbor’s Dog.

When this story originally aired in 2013 it was an immediate hit with the Drabblecast Community, winning Best Story in the People’s Choice Awards of that year. It seems the potentially energizing power of hate is still a relevant topic here in 2018.

In this episode, Norm sits down with the author, Shaenon Garrity.

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Drabblecast Presents: Inside Drabblecast Audio

July 30, 2018

Cover art for Inside Drabblecast AudioThis episode takes you inside Drabblecast audio production. Ever wonder how we produce an episode of the Drabblecast? Wonder no more!

We dig into all the technical aspects like voice acting, sound editing and mixing, foley effects, music and more.

Preproduction? Reading? Acting? Yeah, it’s all here folks, all the blood sweat and tears that go into every production of the Drabblecast.

This Episode originally aired as part of our B-Sides paid premium content. You can subscribe for this content by signing up for our $10/month B-Sides membership!

Really, this episode speaks for itself, so enjoy:

Drabblecast Presents: Inside Drabblecast Audio

Drabblecast Presents: Bases Covered

July 24, 2018

Bases CoveredIn this week’s Relaunch Prelaunch chunk of musical joy: A Drabblecast musical classic.¬† A fake album that unites all faiths (or lack thereof) into one perfectly fine and marketable sales campaign…

The Drabblecast: 10 Years of Strange Stories (Part II)

July 17, 2018

The Drabblecast 10 Years of Great StoriesPart II of the Drabblecast: 10 Years of Strange Stories.

The Drabblecast has several editorial shifts, starts winning awards, and becomes the premier weird fiction podcast in the world.

Listen to the concluding historical retrospective of how the Drabblecast became the remarkable  fiction market that it is today.

The Drabblecast: 10 Years of Strange Stories (Part 1)

July 14, 2018

The Drabblecast 10 Years of Great StoriesTravel back more than a decade with us to the Drabblecast’s humble beginnings.¬† Hear never before heard behind-the-scenes stories from Norm and other key players, as your favorite podcast became what it is today…

Drabblecast Director’s Cut: Morris and the Machine

July 7, 2018

Cover Art for Director's Cut: Morris and the MachineThe Relaunch Prelaunch marches forward as we present the listener-requested Director’s Cut: Morris and the Machine.

This fan-favorite story originally aired in 2010. It is a haunting tale about relationships, time travel, and the poisonous nature of nostalgia.

Author Tim Pratt lives in Berkely, CA and has been featured on the Drabblecast many times. He is a Hugo Award winner alongside many other accolades and is currently working on a space opera series for Angry Robot.

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