Drabblecast 165 – Doubleheader VI

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Cover for Drabblecast episode 165, Doubleheader 6, by Rodolfo ArredondoThe baby list is not very long. Babies only come in about six colors — we’re getting one that matches Mother and me. Humans are a lot less interesting than Legos or iBots…

"Ringing Up Baby" was originally published in Nature, April, 2006. "Mobius, Stripped of a Muse" was originally published in Portable Childhoods. San Francisco: Tachyon Press. April, 2007. Guardians, Urban Fantasy Podcast, M.C. Escher
Episode Art:  Rodolfo Arrendondo
Read by:  Kimi Alexander
Music by:   Kerry Muzzey, Norm Sherman, John Scott Trotter, Aaron Derington,Victor Stellar

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