Copious grossness, you were warned

Cover for Drabblecast episode 41, Set Another Place at the Table I'm Bringing My Pimple, by Bo Kaier

It starts off like any normal bout of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.  I’m constipated, I’m depressed and I’ve got a pimple the size of a hazelnut on my chin…

This week’s Drabble details a junk mail scam, betraying Norm’s deep interest in e-mail spam scams, later manifesting itself in the Drabblecast’s signature “Nigerian Scam Spam Contest.” Norm wholeheartedly plugs “Between the Cracks Fiction,” the website archive of the feature story’s author, Kim McDougall. Norm issues a warning, that the feature is the grossest story Drabblecast has aired since “The Worm Within.” In it, a young woman spends a very difficult week dealing with a delicate medical condition. Feedback from Episode #36, “Pumpkin Seeds,” a Halloween special, was universally positive.