Cover art for Drabblecast episode 43, Jelly Park, by Rodolfo ArredondoDrabblecast #43 presents “Jelly Park by Aliya Whiteley.

In consideration of the holidays, Norm begins to see a common theme to this Drabblecast season: celebrating relationships.

Take, for example, the relationship between the holidays and a pile of extremely rare rhinoceros dung. Four piles, actually. All collected by conservationists and auctioned on E-bay to raise money for preservation of the species.

Norm speculates on the market timing of such a gift… A thousand dollars and you could have your very own rhino scat to accompany that Elf on your shelf. Which leads us to reflect upon the meaning of the holidays for all manner of people, animals, and legendary monsters.

But we digress.

The week’s Drabble, “Choosing Home” is by noteworthy community member Josh Hugo. It offers us a story of love and danger.

The feature story, “Jelly Park,” is a deliciously absurd tale of a down-on-her-luck, unemployed secretary who receives a strange welcome from an easily overlooked community of double-decker bus drivers.

Story Excerpt:

“I’m not sure I belong here.”
“Then where do you belong?”
The others stopped chewing and looked at me expectantly.
What am I?…

The episode’s author, Aliya Whiteley, helped sing the charmingly twisted celebration song.

Co-narrator, Dermot Glennon, also contributed to Episode #29, “Code Brown.”

Norm and the staff close with a rousing rendition of the Jelly Park Celebration Song, showing off multiple voices and characters, ranging from scat-singing to lunatic opera:

Keep your sponge cake, fling your flan
Stick your donuts, cream and jam
Leave your custard in its can
Give us all some jelly

In a trifle, from a mold
Rabbit shaped or ice cream coned
Nothing better, so I’m told
Then a lovely Jelly…

And there you have it folks, what a celebration. So without further ado, here’s the show:

Drabblecast #43 – Jelly Park