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Sure, we all know Norm as the world famous Podcaster. But did you know that he is also a skilled musician, rocking out with trademark wit and weirdness intact?

Norm writes songs, called Bbardles, as a tribute to generous donators, about their chosen subject. Norm’s second CD, The Esoteric Order of Sherman, is now available, featuring 10 such Bbardles professionally remastered. Additionally, Norm’s original, self-titled CD, is available here here.

Other tunes Norm has written and produced for the Drabblecast are available for download:

Human Battery
National Geographic Boobs
A Drabblecast Christmas
Phantom Clause
Twas The Night

Right click and select “Save As” to download. Additionally there are a number of Youtube videos featuring Norm’s work. Do a Youtube search for “Norm Sherman“.