“Hey there Friends, and welcome back to the Drabblecast! The Drabblecast is a weekly audio fiction magazine that brings strange stories, by strange authors, to strange listeners… such as yourself. I’m your host, Norm Sherman. Or I will be again, soon, with perhaps a little help. Where have I been the past year and a half you might be asking? What the hell happened to the podcast?! The truth is folks, the god’s honest truth, is that I was abducted by aliens. Squid-like –but also remarkably squirrel-like– aliens. And upon immediately bursting from the spongy, fluid-filled vitamin pod I was encased in, I found myself indeed just as disappointed as any of you probably would have been to find that the Wifi connection within the dank, Squirdellian prison ship was spotty, at best. Thus, admittedly for a time, I was forced to suddenly adjust, and spend my days laboriously toiling away at what some might consider a “normal” job, simply to pay the bills… shoveling heaps upon heaps of chestnuts into the many vast Squirdellic feeding ponds upon level 4. …So many feeding ponds. But that’s all neither here nor there and also a statement not a fact. The important thing is that in the end, President Trump arranged my safe release back to Earth with a combination of both masterful negotiation skills and perplexing fluency in the mad, gibbering tongue of their people… and now Norm’s back in full form baby. And the game has changed folks. I’m going to try relaunching what we built together with the Drabblecast before: high-quality stories, high-quality storytelling, high-quality production, content on multiple levels, and listener involvement at the core.. but this time bigger, better, and as a full-time enterprise, instead of just a hobby from my living room. More About The Drabblecast