CD cover for the Esoteric Order of Sherman, by Norm Sherman, album art by Bo Kaier

At last, the follow up to 2007’s eponymous release, The Esoteric Order of Sherman by Norm Sherman. A hilarious sharp-witted, fast-paced romp through a plethora of musical styles and subjects – hard rock about angsty teenage zombies and heart-felt piano ballads about giant legendary Mongolian death worms are just the beginning! All your Drabblecast bbardle favorites, re-mastered and super crisp. Featuring album and booklet art by Bo Kaier.


  1. Babylon Battle of the Bands – rock/rap from the real old school
    “behind the ziggurat, smoking cigarettes”
  2. Radioactive Runaways – a slow jam for the missing monsters in our lives
    “they grow up too fast”
  3. The Heartache Over Innsmouth – deep love for a deep one
    “you’re my half-amphibian queen”
  4. Juzt Mizunderstood – punk tinged rebellion rock for a walking corpse
    “It’s me against society (and I’m hungry)”
  5. 75 Lines – a line for each of the first 75 Drabblecast episodes
    “you shouldn’t disown your loved ones, just because they’re made of plastic”
  6. SciFi High – enough references to burst a chest
    “Storm troopers in the bathroom (smoking it up)”
  7. Playing Dead – are they endangered, or just lying low?
    “never take a pecker from his ol’ moonshine”
  8. Cougar at the Con – raucus rock for the convention set
    “that’s a Thundercats hooooe!”
  9. Mongolian Deathworm (Just Another Lonely Night) – Connor Choadsworth’s tear-soaked opus
    “did you know they called me worm-boy back at Wiggleswick Community College?”
  10. Pimp My Satellite – a diss track rap for Russia’s space program
    “Don’t need any of it, it’s purely symbolic!”