drabblecast archive cds

Drabblecast Archive CDs

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The Esoteric Order of Sherman

The Esoteric Order of Sherman (2012)

Norm’s second CD featuring re-mastered versions of Bbardle classics. Deathworms, teen zombies, devolving college ex girlfriends, and much more!

Norm Sherman (2007)

The Drabblecast’s main man’s 2007 CD, where he croons about drinking, male nipples, Jesus clones, chupa’cabers, and Asian Babys. You know, the important stuff.
Mega-Beast Death-Match Trading Cards by Bo Kaier

Mega-Beast Death-Match Trading Cards

The Mega-Beasts Death-Match super animals as 36 mother-flippin’ glossy trading cards. Bo Kaier art, stats and info, the whole 9 pints (of blood).

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