The Drabblecast Kickstarting 9/14/18

Drabblecast Kickstarter: September 14th

Well folks, it’s finally time for the Drabblecast Relaunch. We’ve been teasing this moment for months now, we know. But we’re ready at last to emerge from the swirling abysmal depths, eager to spawn and carve strange symbols all over your doors, your phones, your emails, and your minds…

The first breach into the real world will is our Kickstarter Campaign going until October 17th. Yeah, we know it’s starting to get all NPR up in here but we function on a donation model. We make no money, it all goes to strange authors and strange artists. Perhaps such as yourself?

Honestly we’re all pretty excited to get some awesome art and stories back into your hands and we have a really solid lineup coming down the pipe!

At the end of our Kickstarter Campaign (September 14-October 17th), we’ll be relaunching the podcast starting with a brand new story by Lucy Snyder.

The Future is Nigh

We have other big plans—more then just amazing weekly weird fiction and fun. We’re talking contests, live shows, print anthologies, children’s books, ongoing webcomic series, we even have a video game in the works!

Keeping with the traditional business model of the Drabblecast, the future is a communal effort. We only grow by spreading our seeds into the brains of listeners and supporters, like you. We depend on you to go forth and prosper our good name. That is what this Kickstarer Campaign is all about.

The Rewards

Drabblecast Merch CollageWe’re coming out of the gates with all sorts of goodies for ya: audio and print anthologies, glow-in-the-dark Drabblecast pins, t-shirts, personalized messages from Norm, flasks, challenge coins, commissioned art, and even a story in the Lovecraft mythos by the legendary Frank Key!

So come check it out!

What Else?

Keep you eyes out on Facebook and Twitter for special releases and goodies coming out the whole month of the campaign. As a special treat Norm will be doing a LIVE CHAT on Facebook to launch the Kickstarter on Friday, Sept 14th!

Are you caught up on our Drabblecast Relaunch Prelaunch content yet? Director’s cuts of fan favorites, author interviews, anthologies, and more await.

Welcome back, fellow drabblers.

Been a while.

Hope to stay.


And ever….

And ever…