Drabblecast 224 – Doubleheader X

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Cover for Drabblecast 224, Doubleheader X, by Mary MatticeJames Kennedy had stared at his sock drawer for a good ten minutes that first morning, dumbfounded. He’d never seen it so neat, and he didn’t remember doing it. But there they were: threadbare, but tidy and folded…

Another Drabblecast doubleheader special, featuring two stories from from author John P. Murphy.

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Episode Sponsor: The Flash Pulp Podcast, thrice weekly pulp stories for the modern age.

"Unintended Consequences" and "Expired" are Drabblecast original stories. Chuck Wendig's "Terrible Minds"
Episode Art:  Mary Mattice

Twabble:  “They rolled into the cities and encircled the places of government, chanting aloud their slogan: "We are the 3.1415% ”  by  Steven D. Lidster

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