Drabblecast 226 – The Heroics of Interior Design

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Cover for Drabblecast episode 226, The Heroics of Interior Design, by Skeet ScienskiI can’t fly faster than a speeding bullet. I can’t lift a car. I can’t climb slick surfaces with my bare hands or breath underwater or stop time. All I can do is change blue things to yellow. I didn’t bother to buy a cape or a spandex suit like the others. I just bought a blouse and some slacks and went into interior design…

This episode of the Drabblecast explores the idea of being happy with yourself as a unique individual. In the drabble, the titular imaginary runner is invented as part of a game to pass time in the car, but meets a tragic end. In the feature, a woman with a minor Gift (turning blue things yellow) in a world of high-powered superheroes struggles to find a niche.

First published in The Colored Lens #1, Autumn 2011. Contest: Become a Tim Pratt Character!
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Episode Art:  Skeet Scienski
Read by:  Veronica Giguere

Twabble:  “My Angry Birds expertise proved me the best. The admirals all agreed I was Earth's last, best hope. My catapult awaited. ”  by  Dolohov

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