Drabblecast 275 – A Riddle in Nine Syllables

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Cover for Drabblecast episode 275, A Riddle in Nine Syllables, by Jan DennisonAfter the attack, my team brought me straight to the med lab at base camp. They must have commed ahead, because as soon as the stretcher went through the door seals, Dr. Traynor was yelling orders…

Originally published in Talebones #20, Fall 2000, (Nov 2000). Produced by Brian Lincoln
Episode Art:  Jan Dennison
Read by:  Veronica Giguere, Doc Coleman, Julie Hoverson, Obsidian Abnormal

Twabble:  “My bloody stumps drag over the pentangle, in-out, in-out, ETERNAL shaking. "THIS is what it's all about!", He cackles. ”  by  seani

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