Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Drabblecast cover for Garen and The Hound by Susie Oh

The veils of madness parted, and Garen the Undreaming found himself once again lucid. His body ached from ears to toes. He jogged, the sun on his left shoulder, and a bitter wind blew at his back that his heavy coats of fur could not fully abate. Where was he? How did he get here? Questions he was not unfamiliar with asking himself.



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Story produced by Adam Pracht
Episode Art:  Susie Oh
Read by:  Jonathan Danz
Music by:   Kevin MacLeod

Twabble:  “It does not see. It does not hear. It does not smell, taste or feel. Yet it is still feared for one important reason: IT EATS ”  by  RustyTomatoes

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