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Drabblecast 488- From Earth to Io, with Love

Drabblecast cover for From Earth to Io with Love by Anike Kirsten


Tickets, please! Tickets! Right this way! Coupons to the right, and fast passes to left. NO pushing, folks. Watch your tendrils! Keep your goo to yourself. All lines will get you to the newest episode, “From Earth, to Io with Love. ” by Adelehin Ijasan!



Adelehin Ijasan is a Nigerian writer living in Scotland. He’s also an eye surgeon. His short stories have appeared in Fiyah, Interzone, Omenana and other venues. He was nominated for the Commonwealth short story award in 2014 and, more recently, was on the Nommos Award longlist for speculative fiction. Adelehin made the Locus recommended reading list in 2020 and is one of the co-creators of the Sauútiverse, a sci-fi fantasy shared project published by Android Press in November 2023

Cover art by Anike Kirsten

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Drabblecast 487- Bad Meat

Our story this week is spoiling for a good time. Enjoy a delicious exploration of the human condition, “Bad Meat” by Chip Houser!

Chip Houser (he/him) has stories in Bourbon Penn, PodCastle, Daily Science Fiction, and various other markets. “Dark Morsels,” a chapbook of his very short fiction, is forthcoming from Red Bird Chapbooks. He’s a graduate of Odyssey, a practicing architect, and an avid walker of slow dogs and an equally avid yet even slower hiker of mountains. Links to his stories and other oddities can be found at chiphouser.com.

Cover art by Bo Kaier

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Drabblecast 486- Those Who Forget and Those Who Perish

Our story this week is “Those Who Forget and Those Who Perish” by K. W. Colyard. Enjoy!

Cover art by Steve Lillie

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Drabblecast 482- That Bloody Frontier

The Drabblecast Weird West Event closes out this week with another original story– this time with epic train shoot-outs, centaurs, and manifest destiny! We bring you, “That Bloody Frontier” by Sasha Brown.

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Cover art by Tristan Tolhurst



Drabblecast 481- The Alamo

The Drabblecast Weird Wild West continues, with “The Alamo” by Cedrick May.

Cover art by Tristan Tolhurst




Drabblecast 479-Headhunting

The Drabblecast kicks off the Weird West event, with Avra Margariti’s story “Headhunting” and 100 word Drabble Quickdraw Contest winner “Taming the Larvalands” by Matt Blairstone. Enjoy!

Cover art by Tristan Tolhurst

Drabblecast 478- Cool Air

Catriel Tallarico cover art for Drabblecast Cool Air, a story by HP Lovecraft

As the summer winds down and things cool down, the Drabblecast brings you a story that will give you chills! We present, “Cool Air” by H.P. Lovecraft. 

Cover art by Catriel Tallarico

Drabblecast 477- The Eight-Thousanders

Cover for The Eight-Thousanders by Bo Kaier

Mountain climbing might be more treacherous than you think. This week on the Drabblecast, we bring you Jason Sanford’s “The Eight-Thousanders.”

Cover art by Bo Kaier

Drabblecast 476- The Pigeon

Bo Kaier cover art for Drabblecast The Pigeon

Norm talks birds on this week’s episode, before presenting Drabblecast’s production of “The Pigeon” by Michelle Knudsen. Enjoy!


Cover art by Bo Kaier

Drabblecast 475- Doubleheader

Bo Kaier cover art for Drabblecast coverA merry hanging and a game of jacks, this week on the Drabblecast!

Cover art by Bo Kaier

Drabblecast 473- Trunk to Trunk

Trunk to Trunk cover by Bo KaierThe Drabblecast brings you an original tale of interspecies aid.

We present “Trunk to Trunk,” by P.B. Yeary.


Art by  Bo Kaier

Drabblecast 472 – The Hard Problem of Consciousness

The Hard Problem of Consciousness cover by Bo Kaier#Hivelife this week on the Drabblecast!

We bring you “The Hard Problem of Consciousness” by Andrew Giffin.

Drabblecast 471 – The Monster-God of Mamurth

Bo Kaier cover art for Drabblecast Monster GodThe Drabblecast takes you on an expedition you’re gonna have to see with your own eyes to believe!

We bring you The Monster-God of Mamurth by Edmond Hamilton.

Cover art by Bo Kaier

Drabblecast 470 – Personal Best

Cover for Personal best by DS OswaldThe Drabblecast presents an original story by Michael Bettendorf about football and growing up the hard way. 

Read to you by Renee Chambliss.

Art by DS Oswald

Drabblecast 468 – The Bad Ones Are Always The Best

Cover for The Bad Ones Are Always The Best by Sheryl SchopferThe Drabblecast returns with a sinister tale of generational ick. We present “The Bad Ones Are Always the Best,” by Michelle Ann King.

Drabblecast 467 – Woods For the Trees

Bo Kaier's cover for Drabblecast episode Woods for the Trees

On this week’s Drabblecast, Dendrology meets Criminal Psychology. A story by Harley Carnell. Art by Bo Kaier.

Drabblecast 464 – The Follower’s Revel

bo kaier cover for Drabblecast episode The Follower's Revel
This week we the Drabblecast brings you some interesting original historic found footage uncovered by author Jonathan Louis Duckworth called, “The Follower’s Revel.” Enjoy! Art by Bo Kaier.

Drabblecast 463 – A Hymn Upon the Lips of the Dead

Episode Sponsor– Mothmen 1966

The secret’s out on this week’s Drabblecast, and nothing will ever be the same.  We bring you an original Drabblecast story called “A Hymn Upon the Lips of the Dead,” by Mav Lux.

Oh and Norm sings us a song about singing that he should have just told you.  Enjoy!

Cover created by Bo Kaier in concert with the midjourney text-to-image AI (and unidentifiable, scraped contributors).

I was with her when she died. Underneath that frail shell of pallid, papery skin and tubes coiling into her body she was still my mother. Her last sound should have been the steady trickle of the morphine drip and a low, long death rattle. She died at 3:28 am. At 3:29 am her mouth opened and she began to sing…



Drabblecast 462 – The Tenant

Cover by bo kaier and midjourney for the tenant

An uncanny episode of original fiction this week on the Drabblecast– we bring you, “The Tenant” by Sarah E. Stevens.

Cover created by Bo Kaier in concert with the midjourney text-to-image AI (and unidentifiable, scraped contributors).

We hope to experience your enjoyment.




Drabblecast 459 – 7099 Brecksville Road, Independence, Ohio

Drabblecast cover by Tristan TolhurstNorm is cryptic this week in terms of offering information on the featured story, “7099 Brecksville Road, Independence Ohio,” by JR Hamentaschen. He will say that that’s the story, and that’s the author. And to listen with headphones on.

And also, check out our episode sponsor this week, pixel-pulp video game Mothmen 1966! Available on steam, switch, xbox, and playstation now!


There were three toilet stalls in the men’s room at the Sunoco Gas Station at 7099 Brecksville Road in Independence, Ohio. One of them was occupied.
If you were, say, washing your hands and looking at the stalls for whatever reason, a mistaken glance, perhaps, you’d see in the space below the door a man’s feet, his black work boots and dark blue Wrangler jeans. (This was one of those bathrooms that had a distressing amount of clearance room between the stall doors and the floor.) The man’s feet flexed a bit, not staying stationary, but not in any unusual way; just in the usual fashion of a man using the toilet, shifting in the usual way a man does as he distributes his weight.



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