Cover for Drabblecast episode 115, Clown Eggs, by Bo KaierThis week the Drabblecast presents “Clown Eggs” by Jay Lake.

It is a story that introduces us to old “bull” clown Uncle Swarmy. It’s not just another day at the beach. You’ll learn more about the clown life cycle than you’re probably comfortable with!

Story Excerpt:

The spring tide rolled across Momus Beach, tossing the flaccid corpses of clowns like so many torn balloons. Weathered to a dispirited pallor, they twisted in the foamy surf with the eternally surprised expressions of the dead..


Our Drabble this week comes from J. Alan Pierce, “The Absurdly Connected Machine.” Does it tell the tale of an apocalyptic event, or a simple machine?

Rigorous planning occupies a formless void.
Then, with a Bang, dark energy expands outward, winding cosmic strings around galactic superclusters; splashing dust across spiraling sheets of stars. Structures are braided together by gravity, molecules spin and collide. The absurdly connected machine continues to whir, as bees dance, children starve, vestigial fins and wedding vows are forgotten, and a billion fireflies glow in a billion galaxies.

Eventually, as the final sun dies and the last traces of energy are consumed, the deliberately over-engineered apparatus comes to a stop, causing a small, silver marble to be spit into an empty paper cup.


Our twabble this week comes from LajesticVantrashellofLob:

The unfortunate explosion of the rabbit was gory, but mostly ironic given John’s last comment: “And for my next trick…”

And now on with the show!

Drabblecast #115 – Clown Eggs