Cover for Drabblecast episode 143, The Golden Age of Fire Escapes (Part II), by Bo KaierThe Drabblecast continues this two-part series with “The Golden Age of Fire Escapes (Part II)” by John Aegard. If you haven’t heard Part I, you should listen to it here.

We also conclude Connor Choadsworth’s adventures in “In Search of the Mongolian Death Worm.”

Story Excerpt:

The crowd was lined up six deep along the parade route. They ignored the Deputy Mayor who sat, lightly sedated, between his doctor and nurse in the Santa sleigh. Instead, they chanted endlessly for the Marshall, who would not leave the stifling warmth of his coach, or even roll down a window to wave. Their applause echoed off the surrounding skyscrapers. “Take off your mask!” they cried..


Drabblecast 143 – The Golden Age of Fire Escapes (Part II)